Low-Calorie Sauce Barbecue (330 g)

Ražotājs: Mr. Djemius

The ideal “Barbecue” sauce should be appetizing, but at the same time not contain sugar, fats, extra calories, gluten and GMO.

It is such a miracle product that Mr. Djemius ZERO produce for you.

It is made exclusively from natural greens, tomatoes and spices. Use it as a supplement to meat or as a marinade.


Water, tomato paste, prune, fried onions, soy sauce, spice mix, erythritol ( E968), salt, soy fibre, xanthan gum (natural polysaccharide)(E 415), sorbic acid ( E 200), vinegar ( E 260).


Store at temperatures from 0⁰C to 25⁰C and relative humidity of not more than 75%. Best before:12 months. from the date of manufacture. After opening the package, store the product in the refrigerator at a temperature of + (4 ± 2) ⁰ C.

Nutrition information 100 g
Proteins 0,84 g
Fats 0,18 g
Carbohydrates 7,29 g

Energy value: 34,08 kcal